Rachel Lobdell

Photo by Sophie Mathewson

I am a media executive who drives revenue through editorial strategies that grow audiences by connecting them to content, products, and experiences that help them live their best lives. I believe the future of news lies in building meaningful consumer habits, and, ultimately, community.

I have a proven track record of creating ambitious editorial strategies that meet audience needs; launching projects, products and teams; and getting internal buy-in to try new things. I’m known for collaborating with divisions around the company to ensure we’re aligned on meeting goals and exploring where we can maximize impact. I’m an operational problem solving whiz. I like to run toward tricky problems and will raise my hand for whatever opportunity comes next.

I have previously worked as the transformation chief at Gannett, the editorial director at FORTUNE, the managing editor at VICE, a strategist at the Wall Street Journal, and at Fusion, the Sun Sentinel, the Los Angeles Times, and the Huntsville Times.

I frequently speak and write on the state of journalism, leadership, and newsroom culture. I was a member of the 2023 Online News Association Executive Women Leaders Salon and 2016 ONA-Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media class.

I block out time on Fridays to mentor women and people of color in journalism. Want more? Check out my coaching packages.

I read a lot of books.

Get in touch at rachel.b.lobdell@gmail.com or on Twitter. I'm available for consulting, speaking, writing, or leading trainings.


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ONA Women's Leadership Accelerator 2023: Served as guest faculty lecturing on exploring perfectionism and providing career coaching

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ONA St. Louis 2018: Professional development & brand building

SRCCON 2018: Reflecting on how the media covers itself

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